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How Grundfos Industrial Solutions solve the challenges of transporting difficult and sensitive liquids safely and efficiently

That’s where Grundfos industrial solutions come in. Pump systems like those used to transport food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, fuel, and waste require Grundfos pumps that are specially designed to solve the challenges of each industry – be it temperature control for casting and moulding tools or safety with flammable and toxic liquids.  Grundfos has pumps that can accommodate almost any challenge and a personal and customised approach that will suit the needs of all industries.

Not just H2O

For decades, Grundfos has been known as the world’s leading supplier of water pumps. While Grundfos continues to serve water treatment, intake, and distribution industries, it also offers a range of pumps that can accommodate the flow of more complex liquids.

“Water is easy to pump, but other liquids are more difficult,” says pumps thatundfos industrial solutions come in.  the business and more into more challenging territory.twist on that pump.", specØrsted. “This has been a journey that started almost 20 years ago when Grundfos could see the need to grow the business and move into new business areas and here industry presented a lot of potential and interesting challenges.”

In order to monitor each pump’s delicate production cycle, customers have the option to purchase specialized sensors with developed exclusively by Grundfos. The sensors can test pressure, temperature, and flow, and are in constant contact with liquids, thus insuring a fast response to temperature and pressure changes.

A Custom Fit

”When people relate industries to Grundfos, they are normally thinking about a water pump. A lot of industries we are working with need to pump other things than water, and then you need a special twist on that pump.”

- Peter Ørsted, Industry product portfolio manager – Grundfos Holdings.

Ask Peter Ørsted which kind of liquids Grundfos pumps haven’t transported and he’s hard pressed to find an answer.

Effective Efficiency

Grundfos pumps are backed by the expertise of thousands of skilled engineers working worldwide to ensure that each system works as efficiently as possible.

“We have a lot of application knowledge within our industrial sales teams which allows us to have a dialogue with a customer,” says Ørsted. “Together we can identify the customer’s specific application requirements and come up with the best solution.”

To ensure that customers are using their pumps to their optimal efficiency, Grundfos offers on-site pump audits and reviews by specially trained technicians to monitor and evaluate existing systems.

In a pump audit, Grundfos engineers put flow meters or pressure sensors on each pump and measure their operation for a week. The data is then analysed to create a report of how to operate the pump in an even more efficient way . The report may also include recommendations for a replacement solution that includes calculations on how long it will take for the pump to earn back its value with efficiency savings.  Often a typical Grundfos solution has a payback time of less than three years.

It’s just one of many ways that Grundfos is more than just a pump supplier, says Ørsted. “We are not only a company that is selling components but we are also selling knowledge that we have collected during our long time in this business.”


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